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Alright, time to give this another shot, lets go! I'll try to keep the spoilers to a minimum this time xD

Day 1 - Favorite Straw Hat Member

Monkey D. Luffy  :iconluffyplz:

Who better to start with than our main character xD what's not to like about this guy, his strength, loyalty, and determination to his friends and his dreams is inspirational, and his carefree attitude never fails to make me laugh.

Day 2 - Favorite Villain

Marshall D. Teach AKA Blackbeard :iconblackbeardplz:

I hate this guy so much xD but I can't help but think he's awesome in a way. He's so evil and yet he's powerful and determined to achieve his goals, not to mention how good he is at planning things out, it was amazing watching how his plan progressed from the moment he joined Whitebeard's crew to when he finally ends up becoming as powerful as he does. I also like how he does seem to have a bit in common with Luffy but he's more like an evil version of him in a very vague way. When Luffy and Blackbeard first meet is one of my favorite major character introductions ever xD and the speech he gives him is amazing.

Also he has one of the most interesting crews

Day 3 - Favorite Scene

That's a tough one,  I might have to go with Lougetown where Luffy smiled as he was about to be executed by Buggy, Scenes like that really helped to set the tone for the series

Day 4 - Character I most dislike

Gee, that's a tough one >_>

Akainu! :icondontstabmeplz::iconakainuplz:

I don't hate him just because he killed Ace but also because of all the other crap he's done that proves he's just a terrible marine, like destroying the Ohara ship and killing the civilians or trying to kill Coby for speaking his mind during the war.

Day 5 - Favorite Arc

This really is a tough one, they're all so awesome.
I'll have to go with the Jaya Arc

From the introduction of the Blackbeard pirates to Luffy's awesome confrontation with Bellamy, so many amazing things happen in this arc, and it's not even one of the major arcs so there's really only one major fight scene so it focused on more important things. Also their trip up the Knock-up Stream into Skypiea was the coolest thing ever xD

Day 6 - Favorite CP9 member

Well that's easy

Kaku! :iconkaku-plz:

He's probably one of my favorite minor villains too, that parkour stuff he did in Water 7 was amazing and he has that face (nose)  that will make you smile whenever you look at it xD and the way he quickly adapted to his giraffe powers was very impressive.

Day 7 - Favorite female character

Nico Robin :iconnwrobinplz:

Not only does she have one of the coolest devil fruit powers that make her an excellent spy and total badass, she's also strong, smart, and has a great sense of dark humor! I thought it was great when Rayleigh offered to go ahead and tell her the secret of the void century that she had been looking for her whole life and she turned down the offer so she could find out herself, something tells me she wouldn't have done that before she met Luffy (I'm not sure though) so that shows how much Luffy has influenced her sense of adventure and dreams xD

Day 8 - Favorite male character

I already put Luffy as my favorite Strawhat so I'll go with Sanji :iconsanjiplz:

What's not to love about this guy either, he's one of the Monster Trio, he is very cool (has jazzy theme songs and always wears a suit~ oh yeah xD) and his constant flirting with Nami and other women (while it can get a little annoying at times) is hilarious. I think he has one of the simplest yet one of the most effective pasts which explains why he is the way he is when it comes to his attitude about cooking and his fighting style.

Day 9 - Favorite Island Visited

That's a tough one, all the islands they've been to are really cool.

I'll have to go with Skypiea, it was so amazing and fun looking there, the dangerous journey there was totally worth it. Another really cool one would be Fishman Island which also involved an incredibly dangerous journey to get there xD Those are the best.

We've only been in the New World a little bit and yet we've already seen a quite a few really cool islands so there are surely plenty more amazingly cool locations to come.

Day 10 - Something you liked/hated about Skypiea

I really liked the scenery with the cloud beach being one of my favorite locations, the dials were really cool and really helpful for Ussop since he used them to improve his and Nami's weapons.

I didn't hate anything about Skypiea, the pace was a bit slow at times but it wasn't too bad.

Day 11 - Something you liked/hated about Water 7

I really liked the scenery (again xD Oda does some great artwork) The City of Water looks amazing, the introduction of Franky and pretty much everyone else was great as usual.
Most epic moment - Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Chopper take on the Franky Family to avenge Ussop.

Again I didn't hate anything, everything happened for a good reason but I was still horrified the first time I saw the fight between Luffy and Ussop, I did not expect for a second that something like that would ever happen in this series.

Day 12 - Favorite Jolly Roger

I'll have to go with the Strawhat's of course :icononepieceluffyflagplz:
It's so simple and awesome, there's just no beating it.

Day 13 - Favorite Filler Arc

Another great thing about One Piece is that it actually has some pretty good filler arcs and episodes and favorite isn't an arc but a single episode...the one with Chopperman xD best filler episode in any series ever.

He was in the manga too whatever xD

Day 14 - Favorite pairing (or your OTP)

That's easy     LuffyXMeat forever xD


Day 15 - Favorite Devil Fruit Ability

There are so many cool powers in the series, choosing one is pretty tough

I'll have to go with the Ope Ope no mi used by a mister Trafalgar Law :icontrafalgarlawplz:
This power is so cool and you can be really creative with it too xD those kinds of powers are the best.

Day 16 - Favorite Background Story

This series offers us looks into the many interesting and tragic pasts of our beloved characters. My personal favorite is the tale of the three brothers Ace, Sabo, and Luffy. Seeing their friendship grow into brotherhood was amazing and inspiring, plus Sabo us one of my favorite flashback characters, until he's reintroduced of course (he's alive I tell you! XD)

Day 17 - Favorite Temporary Strawhat or Teammate

Jinbei! :iconjinbeiplz: he's saved Luffy on multiple occasions, he was friends with Ace and Whitebeard, he helped them fight on Fishman island, what's not to love?

Day 18 - Favorite Marine

I have to go with Vice-Admiral Smoker :iconsmokerplz: His badass attitude and need to capture pirates and criminals as well as his fairness and nice attitude towards civilians makes Smoker the marine everyone should try to be (take notes Akainu)

Day 19 - Favorite Running Joke or Gag

There are so many funny running jokes in this series but my favorite has to be Zoro's terrible sense of direction

Who the hell gets lost on a straight path!? xD

Day 20 - Favorite Luffy Fight

All of his fights are amazing but his fight against Bellamy always stood out to me...if you can even call that a fight, it was more of a beat down but whatever xD

Day 21 - Favorite Supernova

Right now it's Trafalgar Law, the guy is awesome, but who knows, we know we're going to be seeing all of them again later in the series and they're all going to be more awesome than ever so it'll probably keep on changing xD

Day 22 - Favorite Baroque Works Member

Why would you even ask that? Bon-Clay of course! xD this creature shows what all friends should be like.

Day 23 - Favorite One Piece Animal

Karoo of course, he's a duck and he has teeth, that's the definition of awesome right there.

Day 24 - Most annoying character?

Eh..Spandam, this guy annoyed the crap out of me, I did keep cheering whenever he was blown up, smacked, or broken in half xD

Day 25 - Town, Kingdom, or Island you'd like to live on?

What? Why would I want to live in just one place? I'm becoming a pirate and visiting all the islands! I couldn't stay in just one place, especially with all the cool places in this world.

Day 26 - Sexiest female character?

Hmmm....Robin I guess

Day 27 - Saddest Scene?




Now I've gone and made myself sad ;-;

Day 28 - Favorite outfit?

I always especially liked Sanji's Water 7 outfit, and Luffy's post-timeskip outfit is really cool too.

Day 29 - How did you start reading/watching One Piece?

I just got bored and thought it looked interesting...oh was it interesting xD

Day 30 - Why do you love One Piece?

Everything about it is amazing, story, characters, you name it. It makes reality look lame in comparison xD

What's not to love?

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